Zuckerberg: I ​​used to want everyone to like FB, now I don’t care

Netease Technology News on January 31, according to foreign media reports, Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) had hoped that everyone liked Facebook. But now he didn’t care.

The Facebook CEO said this year he will take a controversially tough stand on the issues facing the company. “This caused us to have positive but superficial emotions, which then spread to the entire company,” Zuckerberg said on an earnings call on Wednesday. It is understandable. In order to be trusted, people need to know your position. “

Zuckerberg made the change because someone had previously told him that over the past ten years, company management had been too concerned that it would offend users, leaving Facebook without expressing its plans.

In the past decade, Facebook has invested a lot of money to verify whether the company and its management team are loved and respected by users, or whether they are recognized as innovative by users. Facebook has also benefited a lot from using user interests to make money, a move that seems to be a good fit for a social media company that has created an iconic “like” button. The company regularly surveys users’ perceptions of Facebook and asks if they think Facebook is having a positive impact on the world. To this end, Zuckerberg also hired experienced speech writers and consultants. In 2017, Zuckerberg took professional photographers to visit factories, farms, and restaurants in multiple states in the United States, a charm offensive comparable to the presidential campaign.

But the strategy didn’t work. Zuckerberg has now become a favorite punching bag for politicians, regulators and even celebrities. The company has been attacked by various parties, and at the same time it has been criticized. Some people claim that the platform allows destructive misinformation to spread too fast, and some people attack the company’s censorship of user posts. Some point out that Facebook’s business model relies heavily on monitoring users, while others are opposed to the company’s plan to encrypt data from its communications applications, saying the move will create a safe haven for criminals.

Zuckerberg said it was time for him to choose a position. He will push for crypto plans. Zuckerberg said, “I oppose those who say privacy primarily helps the bad guys.” Zuckerberg will also limit Facebook’s control over how people speak and organize on social networks. In addition, although the company’s business model relies on user data, Zuckerberg said it will defend Facebook’s ad-based business model. He said that this is equivalent to “serving everyone in the world”, not just those who can afford to subscribe.

“These positions are not always welcome, but I think we need to face these controversies,” Zuckerberg said. “So, expect more of this to happen this year.”

These issues are not what investors are most concerned about. On Wednesday’s earnings call, they urged Facebook to disclose more about its latest growth plan, not just to post ads in news feeds. On Thursday, Facebook shares fell 6.1% on Thursday as investors feared that its growth would slow down and spending would increase.

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