Zong Tik Tok Package Code, Only Rs 38 + in tax

Zong 4G, the country’s leading telecom company, has introduced the Tik Tok Bundle for tech-savvy youths while maintaining their unique digital experience.

The goal is to ensure the quality of our valued customers over time, to provide them with world-class services. Zong-4G has partnered with the Tik Tok app to gain access to its 37 million subscribers seamlessly.

Zong 4G Tik Tok users can now create and watch Tik Tok videos on the go. Weekly Tik Tok Offers are introduced, keeping in mind the changing needs of consumers and provide a seamless digital experience for their valued customers.

Is gone Through its customer centric approach, Zong is fulfilling its promise to provide the best services to 4G customers by providing services and solutions to promote digital lifestyles.

UseTik Tok with 2GB of data for the week. Only Rs 38 + in tax.

In addition, Zong 4G users can now dial * 606 # or send SUB WTTO to 6123 to subscribe to the bundle.

Zong’s spokesperson said, “With the launch of the Talk Talk Offer, our customers in Pakistan The No. 1 Data Network Can Talk With You On The Go. Our customer centric approach gives us the latest and greatest Quality services and products. Zong 4G is the first company to introduce innovative communication packages for YouTube, WhatsApp and more, in line with the needs of our digital-oriented consumers. Ű” Now that there are more than 800 million users of TickTalk worldwide, Zong4G has introduced the Weekly TickTalk offer in view of the changing needs of Tunisian users. Wishing to be renewed, to have a positive impact on Pakistan’s digital ecosystem. For more details visit the website www.zong.com.pk/internet/tiktok-offer

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