Zong successfully tested the first 5G video call in Pakistan

Islamabad (Pakistan): Zong, Pakistan’s leading telecommunication company, today successfully tested the first official 5G video call from South Asian countries and achieved an incredible 1.5 GB per second speed. While this impressive test ironed out the potential of high-speed Internet, which guarantees Pakistan’s digital future, Zong has the highest position in the digital revolution in the country. Determined to create a high standard for the industry

And it will also boost Zong’s current technological superiority. It is a proud moment for both Pakistan and Zong today as we successfully tested the first official video call on the 5G network in South Asia. We intend to integrate more technology and innovation to make Pakistan one of the most digitally connected countries in the world, said Chairman Wang Hua Hua. – launching 5G technology first in the country and the delivery of international quality infrastructure to fulfill Pakistan’s digital agenda guarantees Zong’s unwavering commitment.

Zong’s key role in testing at the extraordinary speed of 5G and completing the first official video call is an important step towards achieving 5G travel. Makes.¬†Join us on the journey of the digital revolution of Pakistan.

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