You can Buy Realme 6 Pro Smartphone at this Price

Preparations are being made to launch the Realme 6 Pro smartphone soon. Now this phone has been listed on a certification website.

 More than one phone can be launched in Realme 6 series. There is no information about the specification of this phone, but this has not been confirmed. Now give you detailed information about it- 
According to the listing, the company is working on Realme 6 Pro smartphone. The model number of this phone can be RMX2061. 

It is being said that about this phone, the certification agency of India has also been seen in the database of BIS, from which information about it has been revealed, no information has been received about the specification of the phone.

Information has been received about the launch of this phone, but information about the specification has not been received.

 Guess is being done about its specification that four cameras can be given in this phone. Apart from this, a camera can be given on the front side for selfie in this phone. LED flash can be given in this phone.

About the phone’s battery, it can be estimated that 4300 mAh battery can be given in this phone. A strong processor can be given. Apart from this, information has not been received about the price of this phone, but it is expected that information about it can be revealed soon.

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