Xiaomi Mi 10 has to be put aside Samsung S20 Ultra debut with 16GB memory

Netease mobile phone news, February 12, 2020 news, the annual Samsung Galaxy flagship new product launch conference has just come to an end, as previously exposed, Samsung has not unexpectedly brought three new products are new folding screen phones- -Galaxy Z Flip, the new flagship of the new Galaxy S20 series and the newly upgraded TWS wireless headset-Galaxy Buds +. Among them, the Galaxy S20 series as the main flagship is particularly worth looking forward to.

Galaxy digital flagship series

Compared with the previous Galaxy digital flagship series, this year’s S20 series has three products, namely the basic version of the S20, the upgraded version of the S20 + and the ultra-high-end flagship S20 Ultra. As the handle of Android phones, the Samsung Galaxy S series released at the beginning of each year can be called a stacking maniac. This year’s S20 series is no exception, with a better screen, a more powerful processor, and industry-leading shooting experience. Even the live broadcast equipment at the conference was the Samsung S20 series.

It is particularly worth mentioning that the Samsung S20 series is not only the world’s first and the entire series is equipped with standard LPDDR5 memory, but the highest among them is S20 Ultra, which is also the world ’s first mobile phone with 16GB memory, using a 16GB + 512GB built-in storage.

What’s interesting is that tomorrow will be the day when Xiaomi’s 10th-anniversary flagship, Xiaomi 10, is released. Lei Jun has been crazy about how the LPDDR5 memory specifications used by the Xiaomi Mi 10 series have been released. Samsung was the first to release it, and it has a maximum of 16GB of memory. After all, Samsung, as a world-renowned technology giant, is also the industry’s top memory manufacturer. It has a natural advantage. Even some LPDDR5 memory of the Xiaomi 10 series also needs Samsung to supply.

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