Xiaomi is Going to Bring a Foldable Phone after Moto Razr

Motorola has recently launched its first foldable smartphone Moto Razr 2019 in the US. After this, there have been three phones in this segment, which are competing with each other. However, very soon this battle is going to intensify because now the Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi is also going to jump into this category. It is reported that the company has also prepared to launch a foldable smartphone in this category and has patented it.

In the latest updates bringing it, it is claimed that Xiaomi is also working on a concept device with a folding display. The claim is also that it is very much like Moto Razor 2019. Quite a few Moto Razor-style phones will have a slightly larger screen. A flip phone design male comes in its renders so far. It is claimed that the company applied to patent it.

According to the tech website Tiger Mobiles, Xiaomi is working on a concept device with display folding. It will have very slim bezels and at the top will be a slightly thicker bezel where there will be two cameras, sensors, and earpiece. It will be a fairly thin phone. There will be a dual camera on the backside of the phone. Once again, make it clear that this is just a concept design and there is nothing confirmed about it, but the design that has come out definitely points towards Xiaomi’s new product.

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