Xiaomi introduced low-cost wireless keyboard and mouse

Xiaomi, a popular Chinese mobile and other device maker, has introduced cheap wireless keyboard and mouse. Recently, the company introduced a number of interesting gadgets, including two mechanical keyboards and a wireless mouse, at an event. Courtesy The new Elite Keyboard introduced by Pro Pak xiaomi consists of 85 keys, which are round shaped in frameless design.

The highlight of this keyboard is that it can be connected to both Bluetooth and USB ports, while it can also be run on operating systems including Windows, Mac OS. Just like the new keyboard introduced by Pro Pak xiaomi, this mouse also has a feature that can be accessed through both Bluetooth and USB ports.

The special design of the back of this mouse is based on the ‘non slip texture. Xiaomi’s Mouse and Keyboard Price When it comes to the price of these items introduced by Xiaomi, the mouse and elite keyboard costs $ 42. Xiaomi’s keyboard and mouse will be on sale from February 25, 2020.

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