Wuhan Has Tested 6.5 Million Passengers in 9 Days

Wuhan Has Tested 6.5 Million Passengers in 9 Days: 10 days, sampling for more than 9 million residents, at least 6.5 million were tested in the first 9 days, 70% of the oversampling. No matter which country it is compared with, Wuhan’s new coronavirus nucleic acid detection “ten-day battle” is destined to be a beautiful battle.

Wuhan Has Tested 6.5 Million Passengers in 9 Days What Level?

Starting from May 15th, the nucleic acid detection data of the whole city reported by Wuhan Health and Health Commission has skyrocketed: from 113,609 person-times on the 15th to a peak of 1,470,950 person-times on the 22nd, nearly 1.5 million person-times were detected in a single day. The detection volume on the 23rd also reached 1146156 person-times.

On the morning of May 24th, in the longevity community of Qiaokou District, the staff went to the home to do nucleic acid testing for the elderly with limited mobility. Picture from Changjiang Daily

Regarding the amount of detection on the 24th, the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission stated that the nucleic acid detection situation will be released on a special topic. In the past 9 days, the city ​​of Wuhan has detected more than 6.5 million person-times, and a total of 218 cases of asymptomatic infections have been added in 10 days.

According to a report on the Yangtze River Daily on May 25, since the start of the Wuhan centralized nucleic acid test on May 15, more than 9 million residents have been sampled as of May 24.

It is worth noting that the “Statistical Bulletin of Wuhan’s National Economic and Social Development in 2019” shows that at the end of 2019, the total resident population of Wuhan was 11.121 million.

According to the principle of “willing to do exhaustive inspection”, the resident and temporary residents who have not tested the new crown virus nucleic acid are included in the scope of this test. It is not recommended to test children under 6 years old.

Residents who have done nucleic acid testing in the early stage do not need to do it in principle. 

Residents who have never done nucleic acid testing should recommend nucleic acid testing in a responsible manner towards individuals, family members, and others.

On the 25th, the Wuhan Health and Welfare Commission issued a notice of “checking vacancies and filling leaks”, proposing that there may still be a small number of residents who have failed to perform nucleic acid sampling and testing for various reasons.  Must Read: Microsoft Windows 10 Version 2021 Will Come Next Month June 2020

Residents who have never done nucleic acid testing are requested to take the initiative to register with the community before 17:00 on May 26 and arrange sampling and testing.

However, Wuhan’s accounting and testing work did not begin on the 15th.

Observer Network noticed that from April 9th ​​after unblocking, Wuhan Has Tested 6.5 Million Passengers in 9 Days the single-day nucleic acid detection in Wuhan has basically been above 30,000, and it has remained above 40,000 for several consecutive days during the period and even reached 78,121 person-times on April 29th.

Wuhan, Over 10 Million Samples Have Been Collected.

During the relatively stable period of the epidemic from April 9 to May 14, Wuhan has detected more than 1.73 million person-times. In other words, after unblocking Wuhan, over 10 million samples have been collected.

As the “Epicenter” that has not been able to control the epidemic so far-the the United States, the data updated on the website of its CDC on the 25th shows that the agency has received about 14.13 million test reports since the outbreak. The center also explained in a note: “Not all virus detections will be reported to the CDC.”

Combined The Virus Test Results and Antibody Test Results

But more importantly, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently admitted that when they report the test data, they have combined the virus test results and antibody test results.

Experts point out that doing so will cause the number of tests to appear to be greater than the actual number of tests, resulting in misjudgments in US testing capabilities and making the data show a low positive rate.

In addition to this, the convenience of virus detection in other countries also varies.

Among them, as of May 25, South Korea has tested 839,475 person-times and 817,431 person-times have been tested. The population of South Korea is about 51 million. If the factor of repeated testing is excluded, Wuhan Has Tested 6.5 Million Passengers in 9 Days about 1 out of 61 people have been tested.

Singapore, another country established as a model for anti-epidemic by Western media, has tested 191,260 people as of May 18, with a total of 294,414 tests. Singapore has a population of about 5.6 million, and about one out of every 30 people have been tested.

In the United Kingdom, where the Prime Minister had been infected with the new coronavirus, as of 9 a.m. on the 25th, the cumulative number of tests exceeded 3.53 million, including 73,726 on the 24th.

The population of the UK is about 66 million, and it’s per capita testing seems to have exceeded that of South Korea. But it is worth noting that the longer the epidemic is delayed, the number of detections will increase accordingly; early control of the epidemic will also inhibit the increase in detection to some extent.

Wuhan Has Tested 6.5 Million Passengers in 9 Days

Screenshot of the British government website

There is One Country With Outstanding Data.

According to the data on the 26th website of the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare of Japan, from February 18 to May 23, a total of 435,412 people were tested in Japan with a population of more than 100 million. As of the 24th, 272,688 people have been tested.

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