Wuhan doctors advise India, told how to compete with Corona

Corona virus, starting from Wuhan, China, has created a worldwide furore. In China, the death toll from Corona has crossed 2900. While 3,100 people worldwide have died of the corona. Here, 29 positive cases of corona have been reported in India. As soon as Corona has set foot in India, the government has started adequate preparations for the match. In such a situation, some big Chinese doctors have given important suggestions to India to fight against Corona.

  • 29 positive cases of corona virus in India
  • Wuhan doctors gave important suggestions to India
  • 3000 medical staff died in China

Corona infection has increased in India in the last three days. So far, 29 positive cases have been reported. The government has made many preparations to fight against Corona. So far, 15 labs are available to test the corona virus, while 19 new labs are being prepared. Meanwhile, some doctors in Wuhan, who have been the center of Corona, have advised India what to do to avoid Corona.

According to news agency PTI, in Wuhan, four big doctors who have treated corona infections for the last two months addressed the media of China and the world. During this, President Qiao Ji of Peking University, a major hospital in Wuhan, was asked that corona virus infection has started in India, what advice would you give to India.

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Adequate number of doctors needed

In response to this question, he said, “India and China are two big countries of Asia. These two countries have many similarities. Our population is very large. Both countries have a joint family and a similar treatment system. India must first raise a sufficient number of doctors to treat the infection. “

What to tell Medkill staff in training?

He said, “India should train a sufficient number of medical staff, who can treat people with less positive infection immediately.” During training, which equipment should they use in treatment and how to protect themselves. It needs to be informed. “

Qiao Ji said that 3000 medical staff including 10 doctors died due to lack of information as soon as the corona spread in China. Therefore, India needs to be trained immediately. Also, treatment rooms should be prepared for treatment. There is a need to install high power exhaust fans in these rooms so that the flow of air can continue continuously.

This is necessary for both the infected patient and the medical staff. Also, the director of Peking Union Medical College Hospital said, “The most important thing to combat Corona is to prepare a plan with the concerned departments.”


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