Top 10 Most Powerful Intelligence Agencies in the World 2019 by ranking

Whenever discussed in any country Defense, it is the most important topic to discuss of their Secrets Organizations defending of its Country. It is talked on some basics tasks as followings.

  • Gathering Intelligence System
  • Advising their Government to make the best decision for Country security

Some Others Tasks that are very important to make sure to protect the country from outside & Inside resistance. While all intelligence agencies are best by looking of their own regard. But Some Agencies are most Superior that are not working just for their country but the collaboration with other Agencies to exchange useful information for that are having easy ways for their working and completing the tasks. But Today, We are presenting a list of top 10 Intelligence agencies in the world by their ranking of their Work,


No. 01 Inter-Service Intelligence, Pakistan

Inter-Service Intelligence also called ISI is the Professional and Security Organization of Pakistan, It was founded in 1948. The Agency since 1948 immaculate in its track record. ISI has done many Tasks in one time like external and Domestic Threats. It is known as Fighter with Domestic and External Threats. World Top Agencies take help from ISI in Domestic and No understandable situations. ISI knew to fight Multitasks as one time with accuracy. ISI Hackers are Famous in Secrete Community of World. ISI has played a crucial role in protecting the country. Despite its suffering, many continuous operations from its enemy countries and Threats from outside.


 No.02 Secret Intelligence Service SIS, United Kingdom

SIS has another name is MI6. MI6 is the most powerful and Dangerous Secrete Agency in the World. It is called Killing machine. MI6 is responsible for External affairs while internal affairs are MI5.


No.03 Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), America

Central Intelligence Agency also CIA is a national Security Organization of America. CIA is responsible to collect all information about threats that can be anywhere in the world against its country. CIA collects information by many ways of technologies and resources.

No.04 Mossad, Israel

Mossad is the most powerful Intelligence Agency of Israel.  Mossad happens to be the part of the Israeli Intelligence Community as one of its three branches of Secrete Community like Intelligence Community while 2nd is shin bet and third is Aman.


No. 05 Federal Intelligence Service (BND), Germany

Bundesnachrichtendienst or Federal Intelligence Service (BND) is a National Organization of Germany. BND was founded in 1956. And Under Direct control of German Chancellery.


No.6 Research & Analysis Wing, India

The Research and Analysis Wing also called RAW. Might fool the first time listeners of this to be an ordinary nongovernmental organization with simple missions like to gather information. Recently its undercover agent Kulbhushan Yadav Arrested from the Area of Baluchistan, Pakistan. he was a mission of destroying peace in Pakistan. Pakistan Intelligence Agency ISI Arrested this Agent.


No. 07 Directorate-General for External Security (DGSE), France

DGSE is a Commonly Intelligence agency of the Government of France directly operated under the Ministry of Defense. It is a more powerful agency and it makes France peaceful and powerful by its way of work. It is considered to be equal to the CIA.


No. 8 Canadian Secret Intelligence Service (CSIS), Canada

CSIS stands for Canadian Secret Intelligence Service, Canada is a peaceful country and most people are like to go there. The most credit for making a peaceful place is going to (CSIS) Canadian Secret Intelligence Service. CSIS is also the part of “FIVE EYES” Group that is called following

  • USA
  • UK


No. 09 Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS), Australia

ASIS stands for Australian Secrete Intelligence Service of Australia

It is the national Intelligence agency of Australia having Headquarter in Canberra. The main purpose of this organization to collaborate with other country intelligence for information exchanging.

 No. 10 Ministry of State Security (MMS), China

Ministry of State Security also MMS is the intelligence Agency of China that was founded back in 1983. China is growing fast by its economical position and also the Armed Force. And it is also true that MMS is growing fast by its work. In Coming days MMS will be the 3rd ranked Secret power in the world

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