With the help of science, the sound of Egypt’s 3000-year-old mutilated body is heard again

London: Scientists say they have fulfilled their desire to resurrect after the death of a 3000-year-old Egyptian monk. Created an artificial form and imitated their sound.

Nassimon’s voice sounded like the root cause, like a crowd.

According to media reports, archaeologists believe that this Egyptian monk must have lived during the 11th period of the Pharaoh, Ramzez.

The period was politically unstable from 1099 to 1069 BC. According to archaeologists, being a monk in Thebes would require a powerful voice for Nassim to perform his ceremonial duties.

His duties included singing. Experts say that this is the first experience of its kind in which the voice of a dead man has been reproduced in an artificial way.

Researchers hope that with the help of computers and technology in the future, they will be able to form complete sentences with Nassimon’s voice. The experiment was conducted at the Royal Hall in the United Kingdom, which included researchers from the University of London, the University of Europe and Leeds Museum. Ű”

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