Windows 7 users are miserable: Microsoft is back!

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft recently acknowledged that KB4534310 and KB4534314 updates caused the Windows 7 system wallpaper to be replaced by a black screen.

In fact, before Microsoft acknowledged, Reddit and Microsoft’s official support forum had many users feedback that the black screen of Windows 7 had been reported. This problem occurred on a large number of devices, including enterprises, causing Windows 7 users to be unable to change the wallpaper.

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In the latest support document, Microsoft acknowledges that the issue does exist and states: “After installing KB4534310, the desktop wallpaper may appear black when it is set to” stretched. “Microsoft promises to provide a fix, but only for” purchased Windows 7 Extended Security Update (ESU) Organization “.

The temporary solution is to set the custom image to something other than “stretch”, such as “Fill”, “Fit”, “Tile” or “Center”, or choose a custom wallpaper that matches the desktop resolution. For ordinary Windows 7 devices that have not purchased extended support services, it means that selecting the “stretch” mode cannot set the wallpaper.

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