Will not lockdown, build Tiger force to fight Corona: PM

Islamabad : Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that if there was a situation like China, it would shut down cities today, create a Tiger Force to fight Corona, some of the donors in the Corona Relief Fund. No question, if people donate this tax in their tax, then there will be tax deduction.

Addressing the nation, he said that at present the world is fighting for its capability. Of them, only China has succeeded in locking down two million inhabitants of Wuhan and controlling the virus, if we have China.

As conditions would have closed cities today, our problem is that sixty percent of the population lives in extreme poverty, there are families who cannot eat two cups of bread, twenty percent are people who are around the poverty line and two.

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The months-long lockdown could be severely affected, with about eight million people in Pakistan affected. If you do not take care of these poor people in the country, then the lockdown will fail because the disease does not distinguish the rich poor.

If the lockdown was done in large areas and the locals could not have the lockdown or they could have the lockdown. If not, then the virus cannot be controlled. He said that the richest countries

We do not have the resources compared to the rich countries but there are two big things, one is the belief that we join the most charitable countries and the other is our youth.

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The Tiger Force is being formed in which young doctors, engineers, drivers and young people from all classes can participate. This Tiger Force will go to areas where lockdown and food will be delivered.

Imran Khan said that some donors will not be questioned in the Corona Relief Fund. If people donate this tax in their tax, then there will be tax exemption. State Bank has decided that the business They will not make the workers unemployed, the State Bank will give them cheap loans.

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