Will Drones Even Be Able to See Sound like a Bat?

Indiana: With the passage of time, the technology of drones is also getting updated. Today there are drones that can see and find their way with the help of infrared rays of light. But perhaps that is not the day when drones will be able to “see” their surroundings through special sounds like bats and can be guided by sound.

At Purdue University in the US, an experimental system has been developed that combines mathematics, physics, and artificial intelligence with four microphones and a single speaker, with the help of sound, to capture the image of the entire environment around you. Can make Simply put, this system creates a “sound picture”.

It should be noted that bats emit certain sounds from their mouths during flight, whose frequency is so high that they do not hear us. However, when these sounds collide with nearby objects and reach the ears of the bats, the bats’ brain immediately captures the entire scene of the surrounding environment. That is why we say that bats are “seen by sound”.

The system, developed at Purdue University, details of which have been published in the latest issue of the “SIAM Journal on Applied Algebra and Geometry”, in its current state of silence, surrounds the surroundings with sound. Can image. In the next phase, it will also be able to work on-the-fly.

It is hoped that as the system gets better and stronger, it will be able to help guide airspace drones as well as underwater drones and automobiles, and our work will also be available in places where the existing guidance and guidance are available. Conventional sources become useless to us

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