Why didn’t the Corona Virus Spread to Africa?

Why didn’t the Corona Virus Spread to Africa? As a result of the coronavirus, the disease, called Cod 19, has killed more than 277 people in 45 countries around the world so far, with more than 81,000 people infected with the virus.

China has the highest number of deaths from the Corona virus, but the virus is spreading rapidly in Europe and the Middle East region. In the Latin American region on Wednesday, the first Coronavirus has been diagnosed as a virus.

The first case of the Coronavirus in South America was confirmed by Brazil. However, experts say that the presence of the virus has been confirmed in only two people in Africa, where several countries have very close ties with China.

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Coronavirus or cold, how do I know? According to Alpha Salar, head of the Pasteur Institute in Dakar, the capital of Senegal, “This is the question everyone is asking. Especially after the confirmation of the virus cases in South America and Eastern Europe. “

Alfa Sal says, “One reason may be that continent Africa is not as connected to other regions of the world.”

“I don’t think anyone knows why and how safe Africa is with the virus so far,” said Thumbi Ndong Yu, director of SANTHE, a research center for infectious diseases in Durban.

“One reason may be that the number of people going from Africa to China is not equal, or the spread of the virus here can only be coincidental,” he added.

Is it possible that the virus has spread to Africa, but has not yet been diagnosed? Michelle Yau, a specialist in the World Health Organization of Africa region, disagrees with the idea, saying that if the virus had spread to Africa, it would have been identified because it was spreading so rapidly. “Identifying and then hiding such incidents requires unusual management response.” If the virus had not been diagnosed, it would soon have become infectious and still be diagnosed. “

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