Who was the first person to receive corona virus in China? The research revealed a surprising discovery

BEIJING : Experts in China are researching to find the person who first infected the Corona virus. Now a significant breakthrough has been made in this research. Experts have identified the patient who first confirmed the virus, according to Mail Online. The leaked documents show that the woman’s name was ‘Wei’ who used to sell live shrimp in Wuhan’s meat market.

According to the report, the woman lived near the market. She had a fever and flu on December 11 and went to a small clinic and took medication. However, 5 days later, when the disease became severe, she went to a major hospital. There, it was confirmed by the Corona virus. According to the report, who was the first person to get the Corona virus, it is still a mystery that experts are trying to reach. After analyzing the data, experts say the Corona virus may have been the first human to discover on November 17th.

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