Where is the tough time? People who used to do billions of rupees in Pakistan Roof Klasra falls on the country elite

Islamabad: Renowned analyst Rauf Klasra has fallen on the country’s elite, saying where are the people who used to do billions of rupees business in Pakistan and are receiving billions of rupees today. Are hiding in the corner when Pakistan needs it most in this difficult time.

On the other hand, hundreds of millions of rupees are being donated by people from all over the world. They said that I know well when and how much money they made, while all these two mafia makers made blind money. There is no calculation. 

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If someone hands them over to ask them, they say that our business and Pakistan are in danger. If the corrupt and the thief mafia wants to spend all their money abroad, no one can touch them. Whereas such people know to take and not to give.

In my video message they said that I should peek into my own poverty before talking to others, as well as I would like to make it clear before criticizing anybody that I myself am locked up because of the Corona virus. I have donated to help the poor and needy. 

However, I have also paid off my house employees with full salaries and rations. In his video message, Roof Klasra said that the international players, actors and business men from all over the world have to do it. Donations continue to be addressed.

 While the situation of the lockdown in Pakistan is being donated by our neglected corrupt elite in the neighboring country, a huge amount is being donated which is a shame for us.

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