WhatsApp server download worldwide

Consumers around the world, including Pakistan, have complained about the download of pictures, videos and audio messages via WhatsApp.

Some Pakistani users tweeted on Sunday afternoon about the disruption to sending photos, videos and audio messages to the WhatsApp. To which other users also confirmed the issue.

When SAMAA Digital tried to find out more about it, it was discovered that Twitter has mentioned its routines after consumers encountered problems in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

In a few moments after the troubling tweets of users, WhatsApp took the lead in trending on Twitter. According to the online media monitoring online detector website, they have been contacted by users from different countries around the world and reported that WhatsApp’s ‘Media Sharing’ feature has been downloaded.

On the other hand, consumers have started discussing the negative and positive effects of the case. One class has described it as welcoming, saying that in the pretext that people will leave the social media world and spend time with their loved ones. The second category is that their business or private work has been discontinued because of the WhatsApp

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