Whatsapp Secret Chatting 100% Working Method

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Do you want to start a Whatsapp secret chatting? Do you want to hide a specific chat/conversation on Whatsapp?

If you are in search of such a method to hide your conversations on Whatsapp, then you are in the right place.

In this guide, you will learn the two ways to start secret chats on Whatsapp. Moreover, you will be able to hide your previous chats along with new secret chats. Let’s learn how you can do so.

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How to Make a Secret Chat in Whatsapp

Whatsapp is a free most used online messaging app with more than 2 Billion active users till date. More than 100 Billion messages are sent on Whatsapp each day.

Its global popularity is due to its simple user interface, multi-functions, and easy accessibility.

Despite its simple interface, most of the users are unaware of its basic functions. It has plenty of awesome features but now we will discuss only its chat hiding feature.

We will discuss two methods. The first method you can apply on both official Whatsapp and mod versions like gbwhatsapp, fmwhatsapp, yowhatsapp, etc.

But the second method is available on the unofficial Whatsapp mods.

However, the second method is more secure as compared to the first one. Let’s learn how you can do so.

Method 1

This method you can apply on both Whatsapp messenger and Whatsapp modified versions.

In this method, you have to go through simple steps to archive your chats.

However, it does not sure full security because “Archived” option is easily visible to everyone on the home screen. But you can try this method if it helps.


  1. open your Whatsapp application

2. Tap the chat, you want to hide from Whatsapp home screen, for a few seconds

3. There will appear an archive icon on the top aside three-dotted icon. Tap it


Now your chat will be archived and removed from the home screen. You can access archived chat any time by clicking the “Archived” option on the Whatsapp home screen

4. If you want to unhide the archived chat back, tap “Archived” option on Whatsapp home screen


5. Then tap the chat, you want to unarchive, for a few seconds. There will appear an “Unarchive” icon on the top. Tap this icon.


Now your chat will be unarchived and moved to the home screen.

Method 2

Now we are going to discuss the second method of Whatsapp secret chatting.

This is the most secure method to hide chats as compared to the first one.

But unfortunately, it is not available on the official Whatsapp version. Rather it is available on the Whatsapp mod versions.

To enjoy this feature, you have to install the modified Whatsapp version like gbwhatsapp.

You can install any Whatsapp mod but here we are using gbwhatsapp

You can install the latest version of gbwhatsapp from here.

Follow to simple steps below to hide secret chats on Whatsapp.


  1. open your gbwhatsapp application

2. First of all, you have to set a password or pattern lock where you will hide your chats. For this, click the “WhatsApp” on the top left corner of the Whatsapp home screen

whatsapp secret

Now you can set either pattern lock or pin lock.

3. After setting the lock, come back to the home screen and tap the chat for a few seconds. Then click the three-dotted icon on the top right corner.

4. You will see an option “Hide Chat”.Tap this option.

secret chatting

After that, you will be asked to provide your pattern lock. After applying the pattern, your chat will be hidden.

How to Find Hidden Chat?

To find the hidden chat, tap “WhatsApp” in the top left corner.

Then you will be asked to provide the pattern lock. After applying the pattern, you will be moved to the hidden chats

How to Change the Pattern of Hidden Chats?

To change the pattern of hidden chats, click the Key icon on the top

whatsapp secret chatting

You can either choose pattern lock or pin lock.

In this way, you can change the lock of your hidden chats

How to on/off the notification of hidden chats?

You can set the notification of your hidden chats either on or off.

To set this, tap the setting icon on the top right corner.

Then there will appear a pop up with the following setting

In this way, you change the notification setting of your hidden chats


Above you have learned the two methods of Whatsapp secret chatting. However, if you face any problem you can directly contact. I will be waiting for you. If this article really helped you, then don’t we deserve a like and share? Take care


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