What does it mean for Wuhan to build a 5G medical network in 3 days?

Recently, referring to the model of Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital during the SARS period, Wuhan has started the construction of Caidian Vulcan Mountain Hospital and Jiangxia Lei Shenshan Hospital, which can accommodate 1,000 and 1300 beds, respectively, and are expected to be put into use before February 3.

This action quickly attracted mobile operators and Internet companies to launch emergency plans to deploy a communication network for the Wuhan version of “Xiaotangshan Hospital”.

On the evening of January 23, China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom Wuhan Branch quickly started construction of wireless network 4G and 5G coverage at Caidian Vulcan Mountain Hospital after receiving relevant notices.

At the same time, Huawei’s Hubei Spring Festival epidemic protection project team arranged about 150 people for protection. From the commissioning and commissioning of 5G base stations, the entire construction process from network planning, surveying, design and construction to fiber laying, base station installation, commissioning, and commissioning is completed within 3 days.

Extraordinary times, extraordinary communications

  • China Unicom completes 3G / 4G / 5G communication network coverage at Vulcan Mountain Hospital

On January 26, China Unicom completed the full coverage of the 3G / 4G / 5G communication network of Vulcan Mountain Hospital within 36 hours.

The emergency project includes 3G / 4G / 5G wireless communication networks to achieve gigabit network coverage. This communication scheme has selected the highest configuration to meet the remote command of smart medical treatment.

  • China Mobile: expected to achieve Wuhan’s “Little Tangshan” 5G deployment in 3 days

On January 24, the construction of China Mobile’s communications network was fully launched. The emergency project includes a 5G wireless communication network and a wired broadband network to achieve dual Gigabit network coverage. All relevant communication solutions have selected the highest configuration, and new 5G coverage is combined with high-definition video terminals. At the same time, the original 4G network capacity will be increased by more than 3 times. It is expected that the 5G signal erection and infrastructure construction will be completed within 3 days.

On January 26, an optimized deployment plan was formulated based on the construction layout and actual network requirements of Thunder Mountain Hospital. It is reported that the expansion and new 5G room division will be carried out in parallel with the construction of Lei Shenshan Hospital. It is expected that all network construction and construction work can be completed within one day. After completion, Lei Shenshan Hospital can guarantee more than 25,000 simultaneous online communications.

  • Lenovo: Donates all IT equipment needed by Caidian Emergency Prevention and Control Hospital to Wuhan

On January 25, Lenovo issued a statement saying that it had launched an emergency rescue operation in Wuhan and donated all IT equipment needed to build Caidian emergency prevention and control hospital to Wuhan New Pneumonia Prevention and Control Headquarters.

From 2G phone cards to 5G medical devices

The pneumonia epidemic has attracted great attention from all over the country, and medical personnel, public servants, and even enterprises and social workers are rushing to Wuhan to implement assistance. However, this may be a protracted battle. How to ensure the safety of personnel and do a good job of preventing and controlling the epidemic?

It is reported that the introduction of 5G technology will play an important role in the stable communication between Wuhan Isolation Hospital, the quarantine area and the outside world, and command departments at all levels. On the one hand, a good communication network and operation can ensure smooth communication of information with the outside world.

Take the simplest scenario: doctors can collect information and transmit it to the cloud through the 5G network. Before they contact the patient, they can make a preliminary judgment on the disease and take corresponding protective measures to prevent the spread of infectious pathogens under unknown circumstances to a certain extent. Efforts have been made to alleviate the serious shortage of medical personnel in the hospital and the problem of cross-infection at the hospital.

In fact, 5G technology can already be applied to many medical scenarios: medical monitoring and nursing applications based on wireless collection of medical device data, such as wireless monitoring; medical diagnostic and guidance applications based on video and image interaction, such as remote inspection of medical robots ; Even remote control applications based on video and force feedback, such as remote robotic surgery.

In the previous “7 Futures of 5G Medical”, Lei Fengnet pointed out the dual-edged nature of 5G in medical application scenarios.

The reality is indeed the same, major medical institutions are waiting to see the introduction of 5G technology: compared with the existing fixed network, what are the actual advantages of 5G? How to calculate the time and cost required for construction? Should you upgrade your existing equipment or replace it all?

The Wuhan version of “Xiaotangshan Hospital” will become a training ground for communication technology holding companies. Lei Fengwang believes that if it can be as good as the fixed network in terms of communication quality, it will stimulate the willingness of medical institutions to introduce 5G in the future.

As of press time, 1975 cases of new coronavirus were diagnosed nationwide; 2684 were suspected; 56 were dead; 49 were cured. Among them, 1053 cases were confirmed in Hubei Province, 52 died, 42 cases were cured; 104 cases were confirmed in Zhejiang Province; 98 cases were confirmed in Guangdong Province; 83 cases were confirmed in Henan Province, 1 case was confirmed; 75 cases were confirmed in Chongqing; 51 cases were confirmed in Beijing.

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The soaring number of confirmed cases across the country reminds us that more people either choose to “escape” or stay at home and have no reunion dinner with their friends and relatives, also because the supply of medical equipment is in short supply and there is a serious shortage of medical equipment. Confirmed. What else can we do besides donating medical supplies?

Refer to the data of a group of SARS outbreaks: April 19 to May 9, 2003, installed 2008 new fixed-line telephones for the prevention and control of SARS in Beijing, opened 1430 PHS telephones, opened various special networks and 11 systems; added 16771 road talks in Beijing, and added 22 “PHS” base stations …

“When I was isolated, my mood was very low, and my family was also very worried. I used to call once every two or three days, and now I need to report my temperature every morning, midnight and evening. It’s over. “At that time, the appearance of the family phone card allowed the isolated person and their family to call in time.

The surge in communication traffic and short message traffic has inadvertently ushered in an “opportunity” for the development of the communication industry.

As Duncan Clark pointed out, “SARS has confirmed the effectiveness of digital mobile technology and the Internet, and has thus become a turning point in the rise of the Internet in China as a true mass platform.”

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Earlier in the industry, many opinions expressed that after the first year of 2019, 5G will usher in a full-scale outbreak in 2020. However, when encountering a peculiar moment of pneumonia, such a special moment, it is not what we hope.

So, can the 17-year fight against pneumonia in turn promote another climax in the development of China’s 5G cause?

Some netizens commented: “Can you let the SMS operator notify, the elderly at home don’t care at all.”

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