What did Virat Kohli say after the loss, ‘losing ODI series does not matter’

Captain Virat Kohli is the world's best batsman - Pakistani cricketer Kamram

The second ODI against New Zealand in Auckland losing by 22 runs, Team India has also lost the series, let us say that India lost by 4 wickets in the first match of the series and they are now 0-2 behind in the series. has gone. Explain that after the continuous defeat of Team India, captain Virat Kohli has given a strange statement.

And said this year Test and T20 series are important, so losing the ODI series does not matter. After the defeat in the second match of the series, captain Virat Kohli said that there were two good matches, the fans must have enjoyed it. I was impressed by the way we finished the match. We let the match go in the first innings but we came back during the batting.

We were in trouble in the match but Jadeja and Saini batted well, Shreyas Iyer also performed well. If we compare in T20 and Test then one-day matches are not more important for us this year. The captain further said that we will play cricket openly, we do not care about the result.

After losing the second match, captain Kohli has proved that he will make changes in the last match. Virat said that we are thinking of making changes in the last ODI, now we have nothing to lose. Virat also said that if the lower-order batsmen of the Indian team can bat so well, then it gives inspiration to the middle order to perform well.

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