What Better than Hand Sanitizer to Prevent Corona?

Prevent Corona: Water and soap are more effective than hand sanitizers, say experts for the Coronavirus. According to details, the Corona virus infected with the Chinese city of Wuhan has spread to 151 countries worldwide so far, 167,572 people worldwide have been affected and 6,456 people have been killed.

There are enough precautions being taken by doctors to prevent this global outbreak, one of the most important is to wash your hands frequently and sanitize them properly.

According to the World Health Organization If you want to avoid the Krona virus, you need to wash your hands frequently with soap or water and try to stay away from a person who has a cough or a runny nose because of the sneezing virus. Transmits to another human being.

According to a report in Indian media, experts say water and soap are more effective than hand sanitizers for cleaning hands. He said that sanitizers cannot remove the germs of our hands like soap or handwash.

Doctors said that if you are traveling, you can use a sanitizer to clean your hands as there is no water and soap available while traveling, but if you are at home or in a place where you have soap And if there is water, it is important for you to prefer soap to wash your hands.

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