Waseem Akram’s Wife Ready to Star in Films

Waseem Akram's Wife Ready to Star in Films

Former cricketer Waseem Akram’s wife Shanira will also work in films, completing his entry into the upcoming movie ‘Money Back Guarantee’ with Fawad Khan.

Shanira Akram posted some photos of her photo shoot on Instagram, and in the caption she quoted on the big screen as saying that I was getting a little nervous during the first Pakistani film shooting.

suffered swelling in the ankle, lack of sleep due to shooting at night, but a difference in language, but in the meantime, Hussein moments and unforgettable moments. The stunt made me feel good.

At the same time, he expressed happiness that the experience of working with Faisal Qureshi was excellent.

It should be noted that the movie ‘Moneyback Guarantee’ was written by renowned comedian actor Faisal Qureshi, who also performed the duties of the director himself.

Fawad Khan, Mikal Zulfiqar, Aisha Omar, Mani, John Rambo, Hina Diljar and Javed Sheikh are the main characters in the cast of the film. Who is also singing along with Fawad Khan in this movie.

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