Vivo X30 series will have a daily output of 100,000 units, and there will be a thousand yuan 5G machine next year?

vivo Weibo notice and invitation letter, another 5G member of the vivo family, the new vivo X30 series is about to be released. This phone is equipped with Exynos 980, the first dual-mode 5G AI chip jointly developed by vivo and Samsung. According to vivo, the daily output of this mobile phone series can reach 100,000 units, and next year vivo will have a thousand yuan 5G mobile phone available.

This year is the first year of 5G. Vivo has successively launched a variety of 5G terminals such as iQOO Pro 5G version and NEX 3 5G version. The upcoming vivo X30 series will be equipped with Exynos 980, the first dual-mode 5G AI chip jointly developed by vivo and Samsung. This chip is the industry’s first A77 architecture, the industry’s first batch of 5G SoCs, and supports dual-mode 5G networks. The VCAP platform developed by vivo is used at the bottom of the calculation. It has advantages such as multiple capabilities and high performance. ability.

Regarding the issue of the production capacity of this mobile phone, Liu Hong, vice president of vivo and president of the Chinese market, said: “The new vivo X30 series is being produced simultaneously in Dongguan and Chongqing. The production capacity climb has been basically completed and the daily output can reach 100,000 unit.”

It is understood that vivo currently has 9 R & D Chinese and Western and 5 production bases in the world. Domestically sold products are usually produced in Dongguan and Chongqing. According to the data obtained previously, only the Dongguan factory can produce each month. About 5 million mobile phones.

IDC recently released “China’s 5G Mobile Phone Market Vendor Share in the Third Quarter of 2019”, showing that the total shipments of 5G mobile phones in the third quarter were approximately 485,000, of which vivo accounted for 54.3% of the 5G market share, ranking first in the list One. From the list, we can see that vivo has both 5G flagship and 5G high-end flagship.

The true popularity of 5G mobile phones also needs to reach the price of 1,000 yuan. According to reports, vivo will launch 5G mobile phones in the price range of 2,000 yuan and 1,000 yuan in the first half of next year.

Vivo Vice President Hu Baishan also previously said in an interview with the media that 5G mobile phones are expected to enter the 2,000 yuan range in the third quarter of next year. As the market changes and stabilizes, a series of low-end 5G mobile phones such as thousands of units will be produced. Let all users have access to 5G phones. (Quietly)

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