Vitamin C Works to Prevent Corona Virus

Chinese doctors say that foods rich in Vitamin C are very effective at preventing coronavirus. As was previously heard, coronavirus attacks cause damage to other organs of the body, starting from the lungs. 

Researchers are trying to do more in-depth research on the recovery of memory loss. They say vitamin C supplements are costing at least £ 8 million a year worldwide. By 2021, this figure is expected to rise to 1.8 billion pounds.

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Highly effective Vitamin C to prevent colds Symptoms of coronavirus include cold cough, pneumonia, fever. Vitamin C is effective in preventing the onset of a virus from wounding. Vitamin C intake improves the immune system.

Doctors say white blood cells are activated by taking vitamin C. It fights against different types of viruses. They even attacked and killed them.

Research into China is about whether coronavirus can be cured by taking too much vitamin C. However, the results of that study have not yet been published. Doctors at Jhongnan Hospital under Wuhan University are continuing their research. 

Under this study, 120 people suffering from coronavirus were given 25 grams of vitamin C for seven days. The result has not yet been calculated. However, researchers say that giving vitamin C has positive results.

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