Vietnam’s largest operator drops Huawei’s self-proclaimed 5G technology

C114 News January 20 (Yue Ming) According to Hong Kong media reports, Viettel, the largest local telecommunications company operated by the Ministry of Defense of Vietnam, will launch 5G commercial services. Viettel’s 5G services do not use Huawei’s equipment, but its own research and development technology.

Viettel will begin deploying 5G network technology in June and plans to complete it across the country in a year. 

Viettel said that the research and development department Viettel High Technology spent six months to develop the hardware and software technology required to make calls. It will be the sixth company to successfully develop 5G technology after Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei, Samsung Electronics and ZTE.

Viettel has more than 110 million customers in 11 countries and territories, including Cambodia, Haiti and Peru markets.

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