US Medical Experts: Clean Your cell Phone Daily to Prevent Corona Virus

American scientists say that the test has led to the conclusion that the corona virus can survive for two to three days at the surface of the cell phone and that it can transmit to the human body.

The virus can last for two to three days on all items made of lace steel.

The CDCP, the US Agency for Disease Control and Prevention, has advised people to use their mobile phones, computer keyboards and tablets. Regularly clean all your hi-tech equipment and use disinfectant spray, etc. for water or any such. 

Aya is to clean the mobile phone may damage it. In cleaning it, be careful not to let the moisture inside the phone as it may damage it. 

When cleaning it, use a soft cloth so that it does not scratch the surface. You can also use a soft cloth such as a microfiber for cleaning the phone. 

Rub it gently on the surface of the phone with a light glass or camera lens spray on it. This will kill the virus on the phone’s surface.

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