United States has begun testing Corona virus vaccine

WASHINGTON: A pharmaceutical company in the United States has begun testing humans for the Corona virus vaccine.

According to the World News Agency, scientists from the National Institutes of Health in Seattle, the largest city in the US state of Washington, have partnered with biotechnology company ‘Moderina’ to develop a vaccine for the corona virus, which is being used by health volunteers to try humans. Is being used on.

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While several countries have been involved in the preparation of the Corona virus vaccine, but Modena’s first and foremost success has been the vaccine, named mRNA 1273, for which rapid experiments are being conducted. However, it may take a year until the vaccine is fully ready and available in the market.
In this regard, Anthony Fassi, head of the American Institutes of Health, told the media that the vaccine “mRNA 1273” contains portions of the corona virus as well as its genetic information but not the virus itself. Is.

On the other hand, researchers at the biotechnology company ‘Modrina’ told the media that the vaccine will strengthen the immune system in the human body in such a way that the person using the drug will be able to deal with cod 19, however the vaccine is available. I can take 12 to 18 months.

It is noteworthy that China first informed other countries of the genetic makeup of the virus in January this year, after which laboratory research and pharmaceuticals were launched in laboratories around the world, and the US-based company called ‘Remedieser’ In addition to the so-called anti-viral drug, German company CureWeek has also claimed to manufacture the Cod-19 vaccine.

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