Underrated Useful Websites for Students

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We always knew technology as the root of evil. From headaches to bad scores in our school, our parents can easily blame our failure on the overuse of mobile and other gadgets.

However, we often forget to realize the advantages of these technologies if used carefully and smartly

So today we’re going to show you the ways you can use technology to make your student life easier and more productive.

We will discuss next the top underrated websites that can really help you work or study more efficiently saving both your precious time and money.

If you are impatient to know about these useful websites, stay connected and read the post till the end.

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Underrated Websites for Students

There are millions of websites active on the internet.

The Internet provides us with many opportunities that can help us achieve our goals

Students are always benefitted more from these facilities.

It provides a convenient way not only to keep up with assignments and academic commitments but also to lead a happier and more productive life.

So in this guide, I would like to share with you five underrated websites that can improve your learning experience.

Let’s know about these useful websites

1. Brainly

The first site on our list is brainly.com

Brainly is the world’s largest community of students, parents, and teachers.

It provides a platform where students can help each other with their homework.

You can relate it with other online forums like Quora but it is especially made for students.

If you are stuck in your homework problem or have any questions related to your homework, you can visit Brainly and get answers instantly.

Here registered students can post questions and other students can answer in reply.

As a student, you should get the benefit from this platform.

2. Z-Liberary

The second site on our list is zliberary.org

It is mostly used to download books but it also contains articles and academic texts.

It claims to be “the world’s largest ebook library” as well as “the world’s largest scientific article store”.

With more than 8.9 million books and more than 84 million articles as of 22 October 2021, it is the world’s largest platform for students.

It enables you to access textbooks in pdf format and download them.

This platform is truly helpful for learning purposes. You can give it a try.

3. Audible

The third site on our list of underrated websites is audible.com

If you are tired of reading books, audible is the best option to quench your thirst for learning.

It is an online audiobook service by amazon.

It offers the world’s biggest selection of most loved books, news releases, and podcasts.

Currently audible is not free. However, it offers a free trial of one month after that you have to buy a paid membership.

It has launched almost a hundred books free on Alexa. One can get free access to these titles via Alexa voice assistant.

4. Podcastle

The fourth site on our list is podcastle.ai

Podcastle can convert any text from a novel, article, or textbook into a podcast.

This site is incredibly a great tool for students who don’t feel comfortable reading their books.

It can help students listen to their academic homework in text format while focusing on other important tasks.

So it saves time. Moreover, it also includes the feature of voice-to-text that helps students in writing their assignments online.

This website supports various languages including English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, and French.

In short, this tool is very helpful for university students regarding their assignments.

5. Slidesgo

The fourth and last website in ou list of underrated websites is slidesgo.com

Slidesgo is the most complete slide editor that targets not only presentation bit also the concept of SlideDocs.

Presentations are not only the test of our communication skills but also to test how creative we are.

If you want to develop innovative slides, slidesgo is the best site.

It is the platform that offers you the endless possibilities of creating google slides or a PowerPoint presentation.

It offers a wide range of themes and templates for personal or commercial use.

Here everything is free to download.

In conclusion, slidesgo is the best site to develop creative slides and makes one more productive.


After reading this article, you are surely going to save time and improve your creativity and learning skills as a student. If this article really helped you, then share it with your fellow so they can also get benefits from these underrated websites. Moreover, if you want to learn more amazing tricks and tips seekhlopakistan.com is the best site๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜‚.

Take care and stay connected with us.


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