U.S. media question whether British Prime Minister’s selfie with Huawei was intentional

British Prime Minister Johnson used Huawei mobile phones to take selfies and posted photos on his social media account according to media such as British Sky News reported on the 5th, using Huawei mobile phones against Johnson “Possible national security risks,” Johnson’s Conservative source explained that the Huawei phone was not owned by the Prime Minister, but was staffed. However, the US “Forbes” website paid more attention to another question on the 5th: Is Johnson ’s move intentional or unintentional?

According to reports, Johnson participated in a British TV show on the morning of the 5th local time to talk about the upcoming British Parliament elections and Brexit issues next week. After that, Johnson used a Huawei P20 Pro mobile phone to take selfies with the show host and was taken The media filmed it. “As soon as we finished recording, he (Johnson) took a selfie with his mobile phone,” said Willowbe, the host of the show.

“Forbes” reports that whether the UK will allow Huawei to participate in 5G construction has been a controversial topic. On the 4th local time, Johnson said at a press conference, “With regard to Huawei and 5G, I do not want the UK to be unnecessarily hostile to investments from overseas.” “On the other hand, we cannot harm vital national security and we cannot Undermine our ability to work with other countries in the Five Eyes Alliance. ” The report said that this statement seemed to imply that Britain would adopt a tough attitude towards Huawei, but the reverse was immediately ushered in the next day, and Johnson used Huawei mobile phone selfies to cause widespread speculation.

Commentary said that it was not surprising if Johnson intentionally used a borrowed Huawei mobile phone to take selfies on social media. But this can also be inadvertent. Given the current political environment, Johnson is unlikely to own and publicly use Huawei phones, but nothing is taken for granted. A Huawei employee stated that it was regrettable that the Prime Minister was not using Mate30, which could better demonstrate Huawei’s 5G capabilities and innovation.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson took a selfie with a Huawei mobile phone.

On December 5, local time, his move while attending a television program attracted a lot of media attention. British media said that the day before, Johnson had just hinted that Huawei was prohibited from participating in 5G construction in the UK based on security risks. Johnson also attracted the attention of British netizens on the day of the operation. Some netizens said that “Huawei does not mean that Huawei is allowed to participate in 5G”, but more netizens have focused on the “good use” of Huawei phones.

According to the British “Daily Mail” reported on the 5th, Johnson recorded a Huawei mobile phone with Philip Scofield and Holly Willoughby after recording on the Independent Television (ITV) “This Morning” program that day. The two show hosts took selfies. The phone model is suspected to be Huawei P20 series, which is worth 400 pounds (about 3,710 yuan).

Selfie / picture self-tweeting

Another British media “Sky News” also reported the same day and mentioned the response of 10 Downing Street to this.

Downing Street’s excuse was: Johnson used a staff member’s mobile phone when taking a selfie that day, not the Prime Minister himself. In addition, the United States “Washington Post” also noted the matter and quoted a British Conservative MP as saying that it was a staff member’s cell phone.

A reporter from Global.com found out that when reporting the incident, the focus of British media was not that Johnson simply used Huawei’s mobile phone, but that Johnson had just hinted that he would ban Huawei from participating in 5G construction and “use Huawei.”

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