U.S. and U.S. senators urge government to double funding for AI and quantum information technology

One of the goals of the new Senate bill is to increase federal government investment in advanced manufacturing, including robots that can assemble complex equipment. Image source: Science website

Science and Technology Daily, Beijing, January 20 (Reporter Liu Xia) Since taking office, U.S. President Donald Trump has been proposing to significantly reduce funding for basic research by some federal agencies. But according to a recent report by the US Science website, a group of bipartisan senators submitted the Future Industry Act last week, urging the Trump administration to double funding for technologies such as artificial intelligence and quantum information. They believe these technologies will drive future economic growth in the United States, and top White House technology officials agree.

Roger Wick, chairman of the Senate Business, Science, and Transportation Committee, and several other senators from both parties have submitted the aforementioned Future Industry Act. They hope that by 2022, the federal government will double funding for research in artificial intelligence and quantum information science. 

In addition, the bill also requires that by 2025, the government’s R & D investment in the above two areas and five major areas of advanced manufacturing, wireless communications, and synthetic biology can reach 10 billion US dollars. These five areas are exactly what the new bill calls “future industries.”

“I am very pleased to see the” Future Industry Act “proposed by senators such as Vic. The important thing is that the bill is aware of the future Industries are interconnected and built on what is already underway. “

At the hearing, Vick said that these five areas were “based on the best advice we have received.” For example, some suggestions came from academic scientists and research officials within the Trump administration. 

The bill does not mention the amount of government funding currently in these areas, but Vick said that experts recommend doubling because it is “an achievable goal that will make us successful. Although artificial intelligence and quantum science are not It is still open to debate, but the areas mentioned in the bill are consistent with the priorities set by this administration. “

The bill also doesn’t spell out how the government should increase funding, but it specifically requires the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy to formulate policies to enable the government to better use research funding in 2022 and beyond.

Democratic Senator Gary Peters, who is also part of the new bill team, said: “The United States has been at the forefront of inventing new industries, and this legislation is critical to maintaining US leadership, growing the US economy, and protecting national security.

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