Two Russians charged with “mining” state-owned computers via virus

Illegal Crypto currency mining is repeatedly banned in Russia.

According to the US block chain media Coin Desk, two Russian citizens were charged on Monday for allegedly conducting crypto mining on a computer system owned by the Russian government.

Coin Desk quoted the Russian news agency TASS as saying that one of them was from the Kurgan region, and he used a zombie virus attack program to form a one-to-many botnet that covers almost the whole country. Another person was brought to criminal proceedings for using the JSC Rostovvodokanal website for “mining.”

Nikolay Murashov, deputy director of Russia’s National Computer Incident Coordination Center, said that attackers would invade web pages and automatically mine cryptocurrencies when people viewed pages with their browsers. “As much as 80% of the free power of a computer can be used for mining, the average user may not even know it at all,” he said.

Prior to this, similar incidents occurred in Russia.

According to the British media BBC, in February 2018, three nuclear scientists were arrested for illegally mining cryptocurrencies in Sarov’s laboratory.

The nuclear center in the Sarov region is the Russian exclusion zone, where the former Soviet Union developed the first nuclear bomb. The regional news centre said: “Attempts to use computer facilities for private purposes, including so-called mining, have not been approved.”

Currently, illegal cryptocurrency mining in Russia is blooming everywhere. CoinDesk quoted the Russian news agency TASS as saying that the government had discovered a latent crypto mining virus on the servers of its airports and oil transport companies.

Russia ’s President Putin ’s chief technical adviser estimated in 2017 that 20% to 30% of devices “infected” crypto mining viruses.

But some Russian cybersecurity experts and government officials say the number is fake.

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