Twitter updates privacy policy: let users know what data advertisers receive

Twitter updates privacy policy: let users better understand what user information advertisers will be exposed to) Comprehensive report by surging news reporter Wang Qifan

Twitter updated its privacy policy.

On December 2nd, according to Reuters, the US social platform Twitter announced on Monday that it is updating the global privacy policy to let users better understand which user information the company’s advertisers will be exposed to, and a new establishment A web page explaining to Twitter the efforts of privacy protection. Twitter said the policy will take effect on January 1, 2020, and is also in line with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

According to US technology media TechCrunch, Twitter ’s new website is called the “Twitter Privacy Center”, which brings together the company ’s original intentions, announcements, and new privacy-protection tools. Users can also find some information about past security incidents.

Reuters said that the California Consumer Privacy Act states that large companies need to increase transparency to users and provide users with more control over personal information, such as users having the right to delete data and choose not to sell their data to the Three parties.

After the Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal was exposed, social media giants, including Facebook and Google, faced extensive scrutiny over data privacy. In the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook collected the personal data of tens of millions of users without consent.

Twitter also announced Monday that the company will transfer accounts outside the US and EU to its San Francisco headquarters. Twitter said the move will help companies more flexibly conduct features and tests, such as optional privacy settings, which may be restricted by the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) if they are not transferred.

Damien Kieran, the head of Twitter ’s data protection department, said in an interview, “We want to test without violating GDPR. Our goal is to gain experience from these tests and apply them to the world. User.”

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