Twitter CEO announces high-profile announcement of Zuckerberg’s unfollowing

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey made a public gesture, announcing that he no longer pays attention to competitors, Facebook CEO Mark Zay Mark Zuckerberg’s account activity.

Dorsey opened a Twitter alert account called @BigTechAlert on Tuesday, which focuses on the dynamics of CEOs and other executives of large tech companies and follows their actions on Twitter. Soon after, the account tweeted to fans that Dorsey had followed the executives.

But it wasn’t this announcement that caught the user’s attention. Less than a minute after opening @BigTechAlert, Dorsey unfollowed Zuckerberg’s account and reminded her followers of the move.

In response to related reasons, a Twitter spokesperson only responded with a “goat” emoji. This most likely involved information leaked by Dorsey in January, when he claimed that during a strange dinner at Zuckerberg’s house, the owner entertained him with a goat killed by his own hands. Dorsey claims that Zuckerberg raised many goats in his Palo Alto mansion.

Recently, Dorsey also publicly criticized Zuckerberg’s policy on political advertising. Facebook has refused to conduct a fact-check of political ads on its platform, claiming that the move violates its views on freedom of speech, which has caused huge controversy.

In response to Facebook’s decision, Twitter decided to take a completely different approach to its political advertising policy, which is to completely ban political advertising.

Although the recent rhetoric may seem more trivial, it represents a growing rift between the two giants in social media and technology, and their relationship is becoming increasingly tense.

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