Turkey manufactures the electric car

Ankara: Taking advantage of modern technology, Turkey has developed the first home-made electric car. Turkey plans to build 175,000 electric-powered cars that will cost 22 billion lira, or $ 3.7 billion, in about 13 years.

The plan was a vision of Turkish President Tayyab Erdogan and his ruling AK Party that aims to make the country a long-term economic power. Turkish President Tayyab Erdogan on Friday unveiled a model of the electric-powered car built in the country.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony of the electric car, Tayyab Erdogan said that Turkey wants these cars to be used not only for domestic use but also for selling these cars to European countries as a global brand. “We are all seeing today that Turkey’s 60-year-old dream has turned into reality,” he said. When we see these cars on the roads in countries of the world, we will proudly say that we have achieved our destination.

The Turkish president said the complete infrastructure for electric-powered cars would be ready by 2022. Following the Erdogan speech, Turkey’s Automobile Initiative Group (Tog) was released on the stage of the consortium label’s SUV model car and another sedan.

The project, which was started under government patronage, will have exemptions for taxes and more. Its production plant will be set up in the automotive center of Bursa, northwest of Turkey.

According to official sources, initially five models of the car will be manufactured. The government has also announced the purchase of 30000 electric vehicles by 2035.

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