Trump demands $ 25.2 billion for NASA to return to the moon on Mars

Netease Science and Technology News on February 11, according to foreign media reports, US President Trump in the 2021 government budget requested a 12% increase for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) budget to ensure that the agency before 2024 Send humans back to the moon’s surface. The proposed budget plan announced on Monday local time provided NASA with $ 25.2 billion in funding in 2021, a significant increase from $ 22.6 billion in 2020.

If it does, this budget will be the largest financial effort NASA has received in decades. Nearly half of this budget, or $ 12.3 billion, will be used to fund NASA’s Artemis program to send the first human woman to the surface of the moon in the next five years. Of this amount, nearly $ 3.4 billion will be used to develop a new lunar module for manned journeys to and from the moon’s surface, and more than $ 700 million will be used to fund lunar activities. Must Read: OnePlus 8 Pro Leaked, New Information Surfaced

The budget plan states that “NASA’s priority is to return American astronauts to the moon by 2024 and establish a sustainable base on the surface of the moon. This is the first step for the United States on its journey to Mars.” The ultimate goal of the Artemis project is to send humans to Mars. The supplementary budget material argues that NASA’s activities on the moon are to gain more experience and test technology to help astronauts one day travel to Mars. As part of Artemis, the U.S. government has also allocated an additional $ 233 million for an early Mars robot mission. Must Read: Poco X2’s First sale in India Tomorrow, Know Price and Features

NASA’s budget Plan

However, this proposal has not yet been finalized. The budget plan proposed by the US President is just the beginning of a long process to determine NASA’s budget next year. After the budget plan was announced, NASA provided more details, revealing how much the agency expects to need to fund the Artemis program over the next five years.

NASA estimates that it will need $ 26 billion to $ 27 billion per year for the next five years, and that number will reach $ 28.6 billion by 2023. According to NASA’s budget requirements, the entire program will cost $ 71 billion by 2024, including related projects that have existed before the Artemis program was launched.

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