Toyota Fortuner G2020 Price and Features

Talking about luxury vehicles in Pakistan, Toyota Company’s ‘Fortuner’ is of particular importance because of its capabilities.

The sports utility is also successful in Pakistan. There are currently three variants available in the Toyota Fortuner, including Sigma 4 (4 × 4), Sigma V (2 × 4) and Sigma G (2 × 4).

Indus Motor Company (IMC) recently introduced the Toyota Fortuner G variant in the Fortuner Line Up.

Demand has also dropped significantly due to the rapidly rising prices of vehicles in Pakistan, which has introduced the old price of Fortuner G variant for local buyers at Rs 72 lakh 99 thousand.

The features of the Fortuner G variant are very similar to the Fortuner V variants, but the G variant does include a few key features. The G variant is also available at Rs 7 lakh cheaper than the V variant.

Some of the major features of the Fortuner G variant

: Exterior

The outer part and wheel base are the same as all the Fortuner variants. Like the variant, the G variant does not have a powder backdoor. The G variant does not have LEDPES head lamps like the V variants, but it does have bi-Halogen PES head lamps installed. The R variant is 17 inches in the G variant and 18 inches in the V variant, while the two have different designs.

Its main features include daytime running lamps (DRL), LED tail lamps, high mount stop lamps, chrome front grille, electric and powder-exposed side glasses, chrome indoor handles, black side step, silver indoor belt molding. , Mid-guards and air spots.


: Internal

Key features of G variant include Push Start, Powder Door Lock, Smart Entry, Alumniated Entry System, Shopping, Coat Hanging, Automatic Climate Control, Side Defrost, Coal & Hot Box, Rear Arm Rest, Three Equipment Connectors, Wooden Made Includes steering wheel, 8-inch infotainment display, 6 speakers and a shark fin antenna.

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