Tongji experts: why the new type of coronavirus infection is more serious in the elderly

The epidemic of new coronavirus pneumonia affects people’s hearts. Most of these pneumonias have a good prognosis. A few of them are critically ill. Most of the critical and death cases occur in the elderly. Therefore, the elderly are at high risk of new coronavirus pneumonia. How to make a rational judgment and how to protect it scientifically and effectively?

The team of Professor Zhang Cuntai of the General Medical Department of Tongji Hospital made the following suggestions for common problems

Q1: Why are the severe cases of new coronavirus infection mostly elderly?

A1: Immune decline, coexistence of multiple diseases

Detailed explanation: The immune function of the elderly is reduced, and many basic diseases exist.

Therefore, the elderly are more susceptible to infection and prone to critical illness. We must pay attention to the protection of the elderly.

Q2: In the face of the new coronavirus, what should I do if there are elderly people in my family?

A2: Home & Isolation

Detailed explanation: The elderly should try not to go out and live in a single room.

If there is a suspected or confirmed case at home, the elderly should also wear N95 or medical surgical masks at home.

Q3: How do the elderly wear masks?

A3: Correct selection and correct wearing

Detailed explanation: If there are suspected or confirmed cases in the home, N95 masks are preferred, followed by surgical masks or medical masks, and ordinary disposable masks or cotton masks are not used as much as possible. The family should instruct the elderly to wear masks correctly.

Q4: There are elderly people in my family. What do I need to pay attention to?

A4: Reduce exposure and eat alone

Detailed explanation: Those who have cough or runny nose need to wear a mask every day. When coughing or sneezing, they should turn their heads or lower their heads, cover their nose and mouth with paper towels or arms, and wash their hands in time.

Elderly people should try to maintain isolation, eat alone, do not drink and eat together, the elderly supplies specially prepared.

Elderly people and their families should wear masks as much as possible; family members need to clean up immediately after going home.

Q5: There are elderly people at home. What should I pay attention to when cleaning my home?

A5: Ventilation, cleaning, disinfection

Detailed explanation: open the window for ventilation, use an air sterilizer if possible; transfer the elderly during ventilation, and keep warm.

Clean and disinfect the surface of the articles daily. Do not touch other people’s personal belongings, pay attention to disinfection; daily necessities for the elderly should also be disinfected. Items purchased outside should be used after surface disinfection.

Q6: What do the elderly pay attention to?

Detailed explanation: ensure nutrition; on the basis of a light diet, ensure that you eat well, and eat a moderately high-protein diet.

Elderly people with underlying diseases (diabetes, hypertension, hyperuricemia) should pay attention to dietary restrictions of underlying diseases.

Q7: If the elderly are sick, what are the special symptoms?

Detailed explanation: The elderly may not be accompanied by fever at the onset of illness, but only have fatigue or poor appetite.

Elderly people should be highly vigilant if they have any symptoms of discomfort, monitor body temperature, and closely observe changes in symptoms; if they are unwell or symptoms worsen, consult a doctor promptly.

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