PUBG Mobile Rage Gear mode: Can Easily Win Games With The Help of These Tricks

PUBG Mobile released PUBG Mobile Rage Gear mode in December last year. In this mode, the players get into a Mad Max-style Universe, where they can drive vehicles and kill the other teammates to win the game.

PUBG Mobile Rage Gear mode in Mad Max Style

Through this mode, PUBG wants to keep more and more players connected to the game. In this PUBG Mobile Rage Gear mode, the players arrive in a Mad Max-style Universe. Where he can drive carts and win the game by killing other teammates. Overall, players enjoy more in this gaming mode.

This mode has gained a lot of popularity in the recent past. Many players are opting for this mode and fully enjoying it. However many new players are facing difficulty in playing the game in this PUBG mode. Today we will tell you some similar tips and tricks, with the help of which you can win by performing well in this gaming mode.

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In the new RageGear mode, players get a chance to choose between Dacia, UAZ and Buggy three cars. All these cars have their own specialties. You have to choose your car wisely to win the game.


In a Dacia car, you get more bumps with average health and speed. It is the most balanced of the three cars. It is a great car for mid-range warfare. It has a gun, with the help of which enemies can be dusted. However, you should keep a distance from UAZ drivers.


It is the slowest car in this game, but at the same time, it is also the most healthier car in the game. This car is equipped with a shotgun, with the help of which enemies can be taken iron. This car has more weight. By taking advantage of this you can knock the enemies’ car out of the game.


Buggy is the fastest car in this game. But with speed, health is reduced, that is, you get less health in this car. Despite the high speed, this car does not seem to get any special benefit. If you choose this car, then you should do long-range attacks, so that no one can reach you soon. The buggy comes equipped with RPG, which can help you beat enemies.

Just like trains, in this game, you have to choose weapons carefully. It offers RPG-7, MGL and M249. RPG-7 is the weapon capable of causing the most damage. But it takes time to reload. The enemy can take advantage of it. However, one bullet is enough to stack an enemy. On the other hand, MGL is a grenade launcher, which helps you in shooting near cobat and long-range. The M249 is easier to hit and has more bullets, making it easier to shoot down enemies.

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