TikTok video hobby kills teenager boy

Sialkot: Social media app TikTok kills another teenager. According to the details, the three Kusan friends were making a tick talk video that the bullet went off.

First Air student Ammar Haider, along with his friends Muslim and Zaheb, was picking up a pistol in his hand. According to police, Zaheb said that Ammar was first ticking a pistol at his head, and later placed a pistol on his head.

Zaheb says that after the head, Ammar placed a pistol on his stomach and made a ticking talk and pressed the trigger and then fired.

Amir Haider’s family has alleged that he was killed by friends, but Zaheb said in his police statement that Ammar had shot himself with his hand.

Prior to his arrest, the commissioner said in his statement that he was going to appear before the police. Kotli blacksmith police say they are investigating the matter, facts will come to light soon.

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