TikTok threatened by 1 billion users

NetEase Science and Technology News January 9th, according to foreign media reports, network security company Check Point Software Technologies recently announced that the short video sharing application TikTok (Dtreme Tone Overseas Version) has a series of security vulnerabilities that may have exposed user videos to hackers.

Check Point’s cybersecurity researchers said the vulnerabilities could allow hackers to gain access to the accounts of more than 1 billion users of TikTok. Hackers can use these vulnerabilities to manipulate user accounts and information, such as leaking personal data, deleting videos, and sending text messages on behalf of TikTok.

Check Point said the company had notified TikTok of the vulnerabilities, which had issued patches. TikTok also confirmed the patch, saying it would work to protect user data and encourage researchers to privately disclose vulnerabilities.

The latest news could lead to more scrutiny of TikTok, a social media service that has gained popularity worldwide over the past few years. TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, has become the world’s most valuable startup, thanks in large part to its short video platform, with more than 1 billion users (most of them young people) sharing various videos on it.

But US politicians have warned that the app could pose a threat to national security and urged investigations. TikTok is weighing options to address these concerns.

Check Point researchers wrote in the report: “TikTok’s videos are fun. They create a megatrend, a fashion, or even a music genre. But as some people have experienced, fun videos are about privacy There is often only a thin line. When we believe that we are protected by the application we are using, in fact, privacy may be at risk.

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