Tik ​​Tok Ban; PTA Has More Flexibility Got More Time Available a Response

 LAHORE: The  High Court granted the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority two weeks to file a response to the Tick Talk ban.

Justice Shahid Waheed of Lahore High Court has heard a petition seeking closure of video-sharing social media app talk.
The applicant was of the view that the young generation is being destroyed through the Tick Talk app, with this a waste of time and money is also becoming obscene. Measures have not been taken to protect the younger generation from the negative effects of social media;

In front of the court, Pemra’s lawyer filed a written response, stating that Pemra does not regulate social media; if the objectionable material is run on electronic media, the applicant should consult the Council of Complaints, so the request is not heard. It should be rejected.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority did not file a response before the court, and a lawyer was sought by the company’s lawyer to file the reply, after which the court adjourned the hearing for two weeks.

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