Three positive cases of Corona virus have surfaced in Pakistan’s media industry

Most public and private offices in Pakistan have been closed but doctors, journalists and government officials are on duty. Media houses are also facilitating staffing or office work at offices, but despite all precautions, 2 patients of the Corona virus have been exposed in the city media group, while one case has been reported in the news so far.

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It is pertinent to note that City 42 TV channels and newspapers, Channel 24, City 41, UK 44, Rohi TV are operating under City Media Group and all of them are headquartered in Lahore.

City Media Group CEO Mohsen Naqvi said on Twitter that the Corona virus was confirmed in one of his collages. “We are investigating other potential positive cases and will quarantine some staff members, we will ensure that all precautions are taken.”

On the other hand, Anchor Person Gharya Farooqi says that three cases of Corona virus have been confirmed in Pakistani media. Two cases have appeared in Channel 24 while one has been reported in the news so far.

Faridooqi said that people associated with the media are always on the frontline for public awareness, but it is time for journalists to think about protecting themselves during the Karuna virus.

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