Third-party claims that Douyin downloaded over 700 million times last year, with revenue of 1.2 billion yuan

Netease Science and Technology News on January 16, according to the technology website TechCrunch, despite the US government’s concerns about TikTok (trembling overseas version), the US Navy recently banned active service personnel from using the application, but Douyin / TikTok download in 2019 Both in terms of volume and revenue. 

According to the latest data from Sensor Tower, a market research institute, 44% (738 million times) of Douyin / TikTok’s total 1.65 billion downloads so far occurred in 2019. Although Douyin / TikTok is still trying different ways to generate revenue, the revenue of this application is the best in 2019, reaching US $ 176.9 million (about 1.2 billion yuan), which accounts for US $ 247.6 million of total revenue so far 71%.

Earlier, another market research firm Apptopia had reported that TikTok’s quarterly revenue can now reach $ 50 million.

TikTok’s downloads increased by 13% last year from 655 million times in 2018, and the fourth quarter was the best-performing quarter ever, with 219 million downloads, which was better than the previous best quarter (the fourth quarter of 2018) ) Increased by 6%. According to Sensor Tower data, TikTok ranks second in the ranking of non-gaming app downloads in the Apple and Google App Stores in 2019, just behind WhatsApp.

However, mobile data and analysis company App Annie recently released its 2019 annual report “State of Mobile”, which shows that TikTok ranks fourth among non-gaming app downloads in 2019, behind Messenger, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Regardless, the increase in TikTok downloads in 2019 is mainly related to the strong appeal of the app in India. Although TikTok was temporarily banned in India earlier this year, the Indian market still accounts for 44% (or 323 million downloads) of the app’s total downloads in 2019, an increase of 27% over 2018.

Mainland China is still the largest source of revenue for Douyin. IOS users contributed US $ 129.9 million in revenue, accounting for 69% of its total revenue, US users contributed US $ 36 million, and the third largest revenue contributor was the UK. For $ 4.2 million.

However, compared to Facebook’s billions of dollars in annual revenue, TikTok’s revenue still seems insignificant, even compared to the revenue of small social applications such as Twitter. To be fair, TikTok is still experimental in terms of revenue generation. In 2019, it experimented with a variety of advertising formats, including brand acquisitions, native videos, hashtag challenges, and lens filters. It even got involved in social commerce.

At the same time, only a few creators can make money on live broadcasts by rewarding them-if TikTok’s goal is to challenge YouTube and become a creator’s platform, then the field of live broadcasting is worth expanding in the coming months.

In terms of revenue generation, TikTok faces challenges because compared to social giants like Facebook and their huge user profiles, TikTok does not have as much personal information about users. This means that advertisers cannot launch precise advertisements based on user interests and personal characteristics, as in Facebook. Because of this, brands sometimes forgo cooperation with TikTok and instead deal directly with influential stars.

However, TikTok’s lack of revenue generation has been compensated for in user engagement. App Annie claims that in 2019, the total time users spend on TikTok will increase by 210% year-on-year to 68 billion hours. TikTok is clearly catching users’ attention, but now it needs to figure out how to use these eyeballs and really make money.

TikTok confirmed to reporters that it does not share statistics about its downloads or revenue with the outside world, so third-party assessments are currently the only way to track the growth of the app.

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