There are too many “boxes”! Windows 10 recognizes AMD 3990X as “two processors”

AMD Never dreamed of being ahead of Intel

IT House February 8 news Last night, AMD announced that the thread tearer 3990X is on sale, with 64 cores and 128 threads, and the price is 29,999 yuan. Now, foreign media AnandTech also got a 3990X and tested it on the machine.

There are too many “boxes”! Windows 10 recognizes AMD 3990X as “two processors”

As shown in the figure, this is the “frame” diagram after AnandTech puts the 3990X on the machine, with a total of 128 frames, and the Windows task manager recognizes it as two sockets, that is, two processors.

In this regard, AnandTech said that Microsoft has never expected home systems to reach so many threads. So as shown in the figure above, when more than 64 threads are encountered in the Windows Professional Edition system, it divides these threads into two “processor groups”. Must Read: Poco X2’s First sale in India Tomorrow, Know Price and Features

The first 64 threads are the first group, and the last 64 threads enter the next group. When a program starts, it will be pushed into one processor group based on the load. If one group is busy, the program will be generated in another group. Foreign media said that there is a simple solution to avoid all these problems-disable Hyper-Threading (SMT). Must Read: Bad News to Xiaomi Redmi Lovers

According to AnandTech, in the retail Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Pro workstation versions of Microsoft retail, Windows 10 Home is limited to 64 cores (threads), while the Pro/education version is increased to 128 cores (threads). The workstation/enterprise version was then increased to 256 cores (threads).

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