The World’s Most Expensive and Latest Aircraft

Public News: Although the B-Spirit bomber aircraft was built over 30 years ago, it is still the world’s most expensive and sophisticated aircraft and is estimated to cost about three trillion rupees, or two billion dollars.

In 1989 it was prepared for the Soviet-American Cold War. The aircraft, which was not visible on the radar, was capable of carrying conventional and non-nuclear weapons, capable of penetrating Soviet airspace. Then the Berlin Wall fell and so did the Cold War fire.

He was inducted into the US Army in 1993, but had his first use in the battle of Bosnia and Kosovo in 1999. So far not a single B-plane has been destroyed in the war. It can fuel in the air and attack any place in the world.

US-based aircraft expert Rebecca Grant says the B-Spirit bomber is the only and unique aircraft of its kind. The plane is named Flying (Flying Wing). Its greatest perfection is the extraordinary design.

Three bomber planes are currently on the US Air Fleet, including the Agile Rock wheel One One Lancer, which was first tested in 1974. It flies at a very high altitude. On the contrary, the B-1 bomber was designed to fly in the opposite direction, meaning it would fly very low.

The price of a B-Spirit aircraft is more than 8 times the weight of gold.

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