The World’s First 108 Megapixel Camera Phone Under 60K Rupees

Smartphone maker Xiaomi has introduced the world’s first camera phone with 5 cameras on the back providing an amazing experience of taking a total of 108 megapixels. The company had previously announced similar features in the Mi Max Alpha camera, but now a 108-megapixel camera phone has been officially announced, with limited sales starting in December.

The camera model is CC Nine Pro with five wide angle lenses on the back. There is also a telephoto lens, which is 5 megapixels and features 5 times optical and 10 times hybrid zoom. A 12 megapixel telephoto camera is installed for portrait photos, while another amazing camera is a 20 megapixel camera. It is an ultra wide camera that captures the field’s 117-degree view. The last camera is just 2 megapixels made to take close pictures. On the front of the smartphone is a 32 megapixel camera that captures images of fury.

Other features of the CC Nine Pro are no less, as it has a battery strength of 5,260 mAh. There is a MoLE LED screen that measures 6.47 inches. It has Qualcomm’s 730G processor installed and runs on Android 9 Pie software.

The Xiaomi MIC Nine Pro is priced at $ 400 with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB capacity. On the other hand, the 8GB RAM and 126GB capacity phone is priced at $ 443. A Premium Edition is $ 500 with 256 GB capacity.

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