The US Army prepares to create a ‘half man, half robot soldier’

It should be noted that “cyborg” can be considered a human being that is “half human and half machine”. This concept has been widely featured in science fiction films. However, according to the military journal “Army Times”, the plan to build a cyborg soldier under the US Army is particularly detailed because it describes the particular technical aspects and technologies that make machines part of human existence. It can be built in such a way that human abilities are enhanced while physically strong, just like a robot.

Among the four points that will be given special attention during the next 30 years in the US military for “upgrading” humans in this project, apart from the extraordinary ability of soldiers (using machine tools), Including visual and hearing aids. For this purpose, in addition to equipping them with the latest equipment, such equipment will be installed internally.

However, the fourth aspect of the project needs more attention. Although this point is described in a complex way in the report, in ordinary language it means that the brains and nervous system of the cyborg soldiers will be connected directly to a powerful computer. This thing is called the “main machine interface” and the achievements in this field are still at an early stage.

The end of the report also highlights the militant imbalances created by the cyborg soldiers and the growing vulnerability of the general soldiers. In light of this concern, the need to provide legal protection to cyborg soldiers and to establish a moral/social framework for them is also emphasized.

Let us point out that the combination of man and machine is a long-held dream of technology that has many obstacles in its interpretation. But looking at the US military’s document, it seems likely that US institutions might want to get that interpretation at all costs.

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