The thief stole the precious BMW through wireless signals

A thief who stole a locked car outside his home in Country County, Ireland, stole it without any keys and lock smashes.

According to the British Broadcasting BBC, a gray BMW 640D sports car parked outside New Town Road was stolen at dawn.

Using the latest technology, thieves can now access the car by redirecting the wireless signal to your car’s ‘key fob’, police said.

Police warn car owners should take the same precautions they take to protect their homes.

Police further directed that if you have a garage facility, park your vehicles there; if there is no garage, use a separate car lock, which includes steering column locks and chains, to protect the vehicle. ۔

Keep the car keys away from the exterior doors and walls of the house, keeping the keys of the vehicles in a metal material pouch to block the wireless signals, police said

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