The recycled Galaxy S20 + environmentally friendly woven back cover is now available on the Galaxy S20 series!

The SAMSUNG Galaxy S20 series is available now, with a suggested zero starting at $ 6,998. At the same time that the Galaxy S20 series was launched, Samsung cooperated with Danish sustainable textile brand Kvadrat to launch a stylish and environmentally-friendly fabric back cover for the Galaxy S20 +.

Shadow of the moon again Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 100x zoom official trial

This Galaxy S20 + environmentally friendly woven back cover is made in cooperation with Danish sustainable textile brands and has been awarded the EU environmental protection certification. It is made of Kvadrat woven fabric, and the abandoned 500 ml plastic bottles are melted and reused in a sustainable manner Recycled polyester fiber yarn and processed into a stylish back cover. 

Taking the Kvadrat yarn production process as an example, each plastic bottle can produce 2 Galaxy S20 + woven back covers after recycling. Compared with the traditional production process, the manufacturing method of recycled yarn reduces carbon dioxide emissions. Compared with ordinary polyester fiber production methods, Kvadrat recycled yarn production methods reduce energy consumption and save precious petroleum resources.

How powerful is 100x ZOOM? What's new in the SAMSUNG Galaxy S20 Ultra?

The Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Ultra are also equipped with a 12-megapixel primary lens (F1.8) + 12-megapixel wide-angle (2.2) + 64-megapixel telephoto lens (F2.0). As for the Galaxy S20 +, a Depth Vision depth-of-field lens is added. 

The Galaxy S20 Ultra is equipped with 108 million main lens (F1.8) + 12 million wide-angle (2.2) + 48 million telephoto lens (F2.0) + Depth Vision depth of field lens. The main lens also supports up to 100x Space Zoom, But also added Single Take, Quick Crop, and other functions.

How powerful is 100x ZOOM What's new in the SAMSUNG Galaxy S20 Ultra (2)

At the same time, this 100-megapixel main camera of the Galaxy S20 Ultra also has a lot of bright spots. It can synthesize 0.8um pixels of 108MP pixels to 2.4um pixels of 12 million pixels. At the same time, it also supports nona-binning and re-mosaic technology. Each pixel is combined into 1 pixel to improve night shooting performance.

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